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Welcome to Look For Loneliness

How can we stop bullying in schools?

This is the question that James, a victim of school bullies, often asked himself. Look For Loneliness is his response.

Here at look for loneliness we believe that it is important to educate children, from the age of 2, that it's wrong to leave others out of their games, that pushing people around is not acceptable, and that different is good. If we can do this successfully the amount of loneliness and bullying will be greatly reduced.

Look For Loneliness is an anti bullying resource for primary school teachers, designed to help children understand about bullying and how to prevent it.

Our resource packs include signs, bullying stories, a CD of songs, stickers and a trophy to help teachers educate the children about bullying. To help victims of bullying and to teach all children what it is like to be bullied and why it is wrong.

A key part of your anti bullying strategy

The pack will support a whole school's approach to teaching about all elements of anti-bullying work. Schools are required to have anti-bullying included within their behaviour policy, and strategies to support the effectiveness of this policy.

Our Approach:

Why Look For Loneliness Why Look For Loneliness
What Tools are available What Tools are available
The Power to Change The Power to Change
Recent News and Information Recent News and Information

When a child is bullied he or she can easily become isolated or withdrawn. Children who spend time alone become easy targets for bullies. How can we stop bullying in schools?

Playground signs ‿to remind children to look out for bullying victims

Stickers and trophies ‿to reward children

Story Books ‿illustrating why children are bullied and how it can be stopped.

Look For Loneliness is about changing the mind-set of young people ‿helping them to become supportive of each other for life.

Our resource packs contain signs, story books, a CD of songs, stickers and a trophy to help teachers educate all children, including those being bullied and those who are bullies, to look out for each other.

Check here for the latest news from Look For Loneliness

We will also share important stories from the press relating to bullying.

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What We Offer

Includes all of the items you need to encourage children to Look For Loneliness!

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A smaller pack for use in assemblies
or the classroom.

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A series of 16 books written by James covering a multitude of themes.

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"L4L is something I passionately believe in. James was the only child to enter the den ‿and request money to help others. I believed in him, his passion, focus and concept. Now you too can make a difference to hundreds of children by using this resource at home and in schools."

- James Caan

"Parents and Governors have welcomed this initiative and have assisted us in installing the L4L signs around the school. The children are so excited and positive about the contribution they can make to "happy playtimes" and helping one another."

- Mrs L Johnson Head Teacher Godley Community Primary School, Hyde

"James has demonstrated extraordinary creativity and enterprise in developing this excellent product. I cannot recommend it too highly to any 21st Century school."

- Mrs P.J. Wilson CBE Director of The Gledding Preparatory School

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